While a Rose by any other name is still a Rose . . .
A Sauce by any other name isn't Anna's! 
  "If you can't Make it Yours, Make it Anna's!"

First Place Winner CT Specialty Food Association Pasta Sauce Competition

Anna’s Simply Gourmet uses the time-honored traditions of “Old World Italy”;  in other words my mother Anna's Schettino D'Urso.  Anna was to a kitchen what a tomato is to sauce.  Being the beneficiary of many years of learning from her, means no short-cuts or fillers. Our company chooses only premium ingredients that meet those traditions, which we then prepared in a fashion similar to how you prepare sauces in your own kitchen. This important step is one reason why we are becoming the sauce consumers are choosing. How we cook our sauces is something we can’t disclose, but we can say that we take those fine ingredients and introduce them to the cooking process at critical times. This allows the ingredients to create a certain synergy that results in the just out of the kitchen taste, namely, “it’s Italian!” Our dedication to quality-consistent-authentic products is just another reason why we are on the way to being considered “your choice”. For us, all the extra effort in the development and making of our sauces has already resulted in our winning “first place” in the Connecticut Specialty Food Association Sauce Tasting Competition. This information is useful when comparing our sauces to the products you currently may choose. Our company has an acumen towards detail, with a hands-on approach, that results in “quality, consistent” products each and every time. 


Gourmet Marinara

Made with imported whole peeled tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh oregano, and red wine. Taken from Anna Schettino’s everyday recipe, it is a great addition to many dishes. 

Perfect for making a nice plate of linguine (using LaFabricca Della Pasta). Great over ravioli or for making lasagna!  (See Recipes for Lazy Lasagna in Italian Chit Chat)


Zesty Marinara

First place winner in the Connecticut Specialty Food Sauce Taste-Off!

Made with all-natural ingredients that include imported whole peeled tomatoes, anchovy, capers, kalamata olives, fresh basil, garlic, and red wine. 
Perfect for all types of seafood dishes!

Vodka Cream Sauce

We take the ingredients from our Gourmet Marinara sauce and add Heavy Cream, Parmesan Cheese and Vodka to create this flavorful sauce.  Great with LaFabricca Della Pasta Paccheri di Gragnano or Rigatoni. 


Coming Soon…Organic Aribiatta

A blend of organic tomatoes, onions, basil, and hot peppers. 


Our sauces include only fresh ingredients and are salt-, sugar-, preservative-, and added water-free! Each is low in sodium and high in quality!

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During the Sixties of last century Ferdinando Muraca started commercialization of chestnuts in Cicala, a small mountain town in Catanzaro district, in South of Italy. His five sons, inheriting his great experience, honesty and passion for work and for territory, followed his father project and they founded, in 1983, Muraca Srl, extending their business skills to fruit and vegetables that Calabria offers in rich, genuine and healty way. Muraca Srl was able to improve the quality of food, imposing itself on Italian and international markets, bringing on tables all over the world the good taste of Mediterranean flavors.