The Lombardia Region of Italy produces this fine semolina flour. The durum wheat kernels are turned into flour, then by a process of using rollers, which then flake off the bran and germ leaving endosperm (starch) is cracked into coarse pieces.  This is then sifted Region: Lombardia

Semolina is the purified milling of durum wheat. 

Semolina is a diminutive of the Italian word "semola" , which is derived from the ancient Latin simila meaning "flour”.

Moretti’s Semolina is made in the family's state-of-the-art modern milling plant in Bergamo where wheat kernels are turned into flour by a process that employs grooved steel rollers. The rollers flake off the bran and germ while the starch (endosperm) is cracked into coarse pieces by the process. Through sifting, these endosperm particles are separated from the bran: this is semolina. Semolina made from durum wheat is yellow in color and high in gluten.

Semolina is often used as the base for dried products such pasta, couscous, breads, baking and dessert making.

Moretti Semola

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