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Macaroni -From Gragnano.

What does that mean?

Wheat grows naturally for Centuries.


There are a number of stories about was the original creator of pasta. But regardless of who originally created pasta, or macaroni, they certainly deserve a word of thanks! However, not all pasta is created the same.


As you’ll notice, the pasta products that we sell have a blue and yellow IGP seal. IGP stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta.  Translated it ensures the ingredients are from that region and the production, processing and preparation take place in that region. This seal notes that the ingredients used for this product comes from Gragnano, Italy.  

The Gragnano Region outside of Naples Italy, is known for its rich, fertile soil and has harvested wheat year after year, that has been growing there for centuries. No genetic manipulation occurs, so it is a truly natural wheat product and you know it the taste. The company also uses bronze dye to extrude the product into the shapes that you see. This process along with slow drying up to thirty hours, gives it the taste unlike store bought products.   You may also notice the rough shapes, this allows for the sauce to cling to each individual pasta. 

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