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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like wine, there are many varieties of olives in Italy.  Depending on the olive they will have their own unique taste.  All our products have low acidity levels which is an indicator of the freshness and nutritional values. Our selection is growing from many regions of Italy.  All our derived from Olive Oil Groves and Estates where their trees grow for decades. Olives that grow on the estate are picked and processed within hours of their arrival at their processing facility.  This means that meticulous preparation goes into the final product. Some of the estates produce the oil from a single olive that is harvested, which is referred to as "Moncultivar", while others use a combination of the olives grown on the estate which are known as "Multicultivar".  Whether the olives are of a single or multi origin, the preparation is all done within hours of the olives being harvested.  Each of the oils has its own distinct taste and carry an acidic level well below the standard that defines Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The lower the acidity level the higher the quality of the nutrients in the oil.   

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