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QUALITY is the benchmark of  Therefore, you may not find a large selection of gourmet products, only a selection of quality gourmet products. The products we sell have met our standards ensuring that we only sell to you the best on the market. 


Some Definitions to Assist You.

Artisan: This is a term used to distinguish between mass produced products and products made in small quantities. This ensures a quality product.

Bronzo: When you see this word on the pasta packaging it means the dies used to make the pasta are made of bronze, not teflon. A teflon die creates an inordinate amount of heat, killing the nutrient rich wheat.

Balsamic Vinegar: There is a lot of confusion regarding balsamic vinegar. In short unless aged at least 12 years, it is not a true balsamic vinegar. In order to increase sales of the product, the balsamic consortium now issues a seal for balsamic vinegar less than 12 years old. See my article for more information.

Aritsan when used in conjunction with the making of the pasta means once again small quantities and they are dried naturally, not in heated rooms when mass produced.

Estate Bottled Olive Oil: